Monthly Archives: February 2017

Chapeltown Visits to Bradford

It has been a pleasure to show parents around Dixons Music Primary and Dixons Trinity over the last few weeks in order to give them a real flavour of exactly what Dixons Trinity Chapeltown will look and feel like. Thank you to all those who’ve visited; I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the Dixons Trinity school community and all the learning that goes on there.

The children who accompanied their parents on the visits seemed to have a great time and were particularly excited about the music lessons and choir. It was a great to see the 3 year olds joining in with the play-based learning in the Reception classroom and the younger students interacting with them so well.

We saw excellent learning in the Maths Mastery lessons with students talking to each other about their maths, explaining their calculations and supporting each other in their progress. The Year 4 councillors were a credit to their school – confidently and articulately answering all questions fired at them by interested parents.

It was very obvious just how much music takes place in Dixons Music Primary with all the many and varied instruments available in classrooms and the way the children talked about their music progress and their performances. Eating lunch with the children, Family Dining style, clearly demonstrated the exemplary behaviour and attitudes of the students.

Thank you so much to Michelle Long and her team for inviting us in to all the classrooms and to the students who led the tours and explained some of the ways in which we ensure that every minute of the school day is used to help us achieve our mission.

Justine Oldham
Primary Principal, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Trinity Chapeltown – Many Minds, One Mission

At Trinity, we have many minds but one mission: to get students to and through university so that they thrive in a top job and have a great life.

We clearly communicate our mission, values and drivers throughout every day so that the whole school community know the purpose of everything that we do. We know why we move around school in the way that we do, we know why we wear our uniform in the way that we do and we know why we look at the speaker in all of our lessons.

Our core values of hard work, trust and fairness permeate all that we do. From the moment a student arrives at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown, we ask them to live these values.

In primary school, we talk about our values from day one. For example, when children are playing in Reception Class, we talk about fairness and how this affects our play; about why we need to be fair and how this helps us to enjoy our games. During Family Dining, we talk about our values and relate these to what we’ve done in class that day. A Celebration assembly at the end of the week cements the learning about the value of the week and children are publicly recognised for demonstrating this value.

By talking about our values in different ways, and ensuring that all members of the school community (children, staff and families) live our values, children will strive to live up to our highest expectations.

Justine Oldham
Primary Principal, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown