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Dixons Trinity Chapeltown will open its doors in September 2017 for 30 lucky 4 year olds –its first ever Reception Class. What an opportunity to create a great school for the community of Chapeltown and Harehills!

Our consultation period is over and we have listened to what everyone has had to say. We know exactly what we’re going to do to ensure that Dixons Trinity Chapeltown will be a truly outstanding all-through school serving the needs of the local community. Many of our ideas are based on Dixons Trinity in Bradford; the first secondary free school to be graded Outstanding by Ofsted.  We will also use the best of what we know works from other outstanding schools, the independent sector and abroad.

Justine Oldham
Primary Principal, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

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  • Megan Hill says:

    Which ‘outstanding’ schools from around the world?

    • Luke Sparkes says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on our first blog post about our new school in Chapeltown.

      At Trinity, our approach has been inspired by a wide range of academies and schools in the UK. We have also tried to take the best ideas from the independent sector and abroad.

      Following Achievement First in the US, Dixons Trinity has adopted sociologist James Q. Wilson’s ‘broken windows’ theory that even the small details can have a significant effect on overall culture. We believe that students will rise to the level of expectations placed upon them. We have worked hard to establish a school culture that is both disciplined and joyful. We have also adapted ‘the cycle of highly effective teaching’ developed by Achievement First and introduced Data Days to ensure that evidence about learning is used to adjust instruction to better meet student needs.

      We have taken ideas from Uncommon Schools and Doug Lemov’s work. For example, we have developed teacher talent through disciplined, deliberate and intelligent practice and coaching.

      Inspired by SE Asia and higher education, 20% of our weekly provision is in larger groups, including almost 10% of our teaching.

      No individual element of our practice is revolutionary. Others have said that it is the way in which those ideas have been combined and embedded with rigour and simplicity that has allowed us to make such a strong start in Bradford. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategies or practices; there is no silver bullet. It is really about being values driven, having clear vision, focusing relentlessly on results, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day, and building strong relationships at all levels.

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